T his is the newest and most unique book for
eyebrow designing, which includes the deepest
and widest knowledge regarding the art
of Eye-brow design.

In this book you could learn and teach how to
design Eyebrows in the most perfect way.

Furthermore, in the book you will find detailed
explanations on plucking eyebrows with thread,
which is the simplest and most efficient method.

The method is explained throughout the book
accompanying pictures of every step of the way.
From this book you can learn how to design different
eyebrows, how to repair them, how to change one
design to another, and all with drawings and sketches
for illustration.

There is also a chapter included on the process
to maintain before and after the design itself,
as well as designing different types of specific
eyebrows in various shapes.

In this book there are 8 chapters which are about 240 pages,
all to provide you with the complete information
for perfect Eyebrows design.

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